@Temecula, California
Thriving hundreds acre farm
Quality Meyer Lemons
Perfect Meyer Lemon give you a heathier life
Fresh & Juicy
Best Meyer Lemon provided from California
Tangerine Trees
Welcome to sunmistfruit, we provide best fresh meyer lemon in California!
  • Sunmistfruit is a thriving hundreds acre farm located in Temecula, California.

    The unique micro-climate of the Temecula Valley ensures the region ample sun and a bountiful year-round harvest of numerous fruits. Our farm is home to more than 20000 Meyer lemon trees with 5 million pounds productions per year, in the meanwhile, sunmistfruit is able to produce 1 million pounds tango tangerines annually.
  • We aim to growing and shipping the tastiest, highest quality Meyer lemons to your companies.

    Our vision statement is to deliver a premium brand that consumers trust around the globe, while also being responsible stewards of every order.

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