About Us

Sunmistfruit farm is a thriving and luscious plantation located in Temecula, California. All together, Sunmistfruit is spread out over hundreds of acres of rich greenery.

The unique microclimate of the Temecula Valley ensures the region's ample sun and a bountiful year-round harvest of numerous fruits. Our farm is home to more than 20,000 Meyer lemon trees with almost 5 million pounds of production per year. In addition, we are able to produce over 1 million pounds of the sweet, juicy, and delightful tango tangerines annually.

We aim to exceed the expectations for the future of our agriculture company. In addition to supplying and providing the tastiest, highest quality Meyer lemons to your companies. Along with selling wholesale fruits, we also have an annual fruit picking farm available for customers from March to October. This is a huge event that many consumers participate in.

Lastly, we have event venues that can host small gatherings, large events, and even weddings. We are perfecting our Wedding Venue at the moment and we strive to make it a popular wedding venue destination in Temecula.

Our vision statement is to deliver a premium brand that consumers trust around the globe, while also being responsible stewards of every order. We want to make the most out of this business and help families all around cherish their time together. We are Sunmist.

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