sunmistfruit Meyer Lemon brings you healthier Lemonade

Most of the lemonade you buy might has tons of sugar to overcome the acidity of the lemons. While sunmistfruit Meyer Lemon contains less acidic will let you put less suger Lemonade or even no suger for your lemon water.

During the summer time, a cup of hot lemon water is a real treat and even better if you are recovering from a cold.

Getting your vitamin C this way is more pleasurable and likely easier to digest. The juice from one lemon has 36% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C so starting the day with a cup of sunmistfruit Meyer Lemon water give you a healthier life.

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Review by Annie F

posted on Aug 08, 2019
Yep, I agreed that the Meyer Lemon is less acidic

Review by Ursula X

posted on Aug 09, 2019
I would like to have one, LOL

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